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Global warming is a convtroversial subject and causes are still hotly debated.  One fact remains sure however, that an ever increasing population is contributing to the problem, producing more waste and pollution than ever before. Whilst the evironment is everybody’s concern, it’s fair to say businesses are often responsible for a large proportion of the damage.  At Cafe Mbriki, we take the responsibility of minimising environmental harm seriously and have devised the following policy: We recycle all used bottles, cardboard and newspapers.  All our take-away packaging is made from recycled material, as much of which as possible is also biodegradable.  We operate a closed door policy, which prevents heat from escaping unnecessarily, thereby reducing wasted energy.  The building is insulated to standards above current building regulations, so heating is rarely required.  When it is, we use central air conditioning, which is considerably more energy efficient than radiators.  Wherever possible, we use natural ventilation to keep the cafe cool on hot days and only use the air conditioning when really necessary.  Most of our light bulbs are of the energy saving type.  As bulbs need replacing, we will use only energy savers.